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Give Weight To Things That Have Survived

To understand the future, you do not need technoautistic jargon, obsession with “killer apps,” these sort of things. You just need the following: some respect for the past, some curiosity about the historical record, a hunger for the wisdom of the elders, and a grasp of the notion of “heuristics,” these often unwritten rules of thumb that are so determining of survival. In other words, you will be forced to give weight to things that have been around, things that have survived.

– Nassim Taleb

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Thinking Is Not As Logical As We Think

No individual, deterministic machine, however universal this class of machines is proving to be, will ever think in the sense that we think. Intelligence may be ever-increasing among such
machines, but genuinely creative intuitive thinking requires nondeterministic machines that can make mistakes, abandon logic from one moment to the next, and learn. Thinking is not as logical as we think.

– George Dyson