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Controlling The Environment

Every job comes with pieces you don’t like…. You have to figure out how to set up your life in such a way that you can minimize the things you don’t like. I’ve found that people don’t dislike hard work. What people dislike is being out of control—they can’t control their life; they can’t control their environment. This happens to me when I get over-scheduled. I hate being over-scheduled. I want some time to be able to think and free myself. We all have the same amount of time in the world. Nobody has more time than anybody else. And when you become a very successful person, one of the things that happens is you start to get over-scheduled…. So you have to guard your time and try to stay a little bit flexible.

– Jeff Bezos

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Learned Ignorance

A great part of true learning, in fact, takes the form of negative knowledge, of increasing awareness of the range and depth of our unconquered ignorance, and it is one of the major virtues of scholarship that only by means of it, one’s own or someone else’s, can one know when it is safe to dispense with it. Learned ignorance, therefore, is often praiseworthy, although ignorant learning … never is.

– Jacob Viner