Monthly archives of “July 2016

Investing Is Connecting The Dots

Investing is kind of a game of connecting the dots. The nice thing about it is the longer you are in the business, as long as you are intellectually curious, your collection of data points of dots gets bigger and bigger…Being a successful investor you need to be hungry, intellectually curious, interested, read all the time. Read a lot of newspapers. You need a certain level of randomness in order to connect things that might give you an insight into where a business is going in five years that somebody else might not see.

– Ted Weschler

Change, Cash and Balance

I have always understood that the world changes a lot. Just because you’re doing well now doesn’t mean you should be set in your ways. It’s my habit that I am very careful with my cash flow. That I means I have the extra capital to get into another industry whenever I want to. Cash flow is the most important thing. I have this principle: in the development phase, don’t forget about stability. When there’s stability, don’t forget about development. Such a balance is very important.

– Li Ka-Shing