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Liberalization and Structural Dislocations

Harsh and I have co-authored a piece on how liberalization brings structural dislocations with it. The solution is counter-intuitively not to stop liberalization, but to liberalize deeper and faster:

The fable of The Shop Around The Corner rings true in all market-oriented economies. Customized clothing makers in London’s storied Saville Row found themselves unable to compete with the onslaught of ready-to-wear high-street fashion, and many of them closed down. The street once famed for its bespoke tailors recently saw the opening of American casual wear chain Abercrombie & Fitch.
The catch is that the economies of London and New York are open and dynamic enough to absorb such change, since they are far more free from government control. This is simply not the case in India, and also why the government must design and sequence its reform policies correctly, following through with more market reforms if it indeed manages to push through FDI in retail.
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